Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spencer @ Butler: Bring your brooms

Game 1 -- James “The” Sheilds @ Kevin “Dead”Millwood

Ahhh, a classic rivalry resume last Saturday morning as Spencer hosted Butler for only his second series of the year. It was “Pooch Day” at the ballpark and three black lab puppies, Leela, Maddie, and Sheamus were excited to see some dice rolled. Sadly, before the game we were informed that Knuckles did not secure a ticket to the game and missed the festivities.
Things started off quick for Spencer in the top of the 1st, as The Swami Raji Davis singled, stole 2nd, was SAC’d to 3rd, then scored on America’s Next Top Model Winner: Evan Longoria SAC Fly. With two outs, Big Tex walked, the scored on a J.D. Drew RBI single. 2-0 Spencer.
Spencer went nuclear in the Top of the 4th off Kevin Deadwood. J.D. Drew led off with a double, Big Papi doubled, Kelly Shoppachaholic singled, Ceasar Izturis singled, The Swami RBI-ground out (1 out), Aaron Hill singled, Eva Longoria doubled, Big Tex walked, Ave Mexican Juan Rivera doubled. Seven runs were scored at the end of the outburst. Butler would get two runs back in the bottom of the 4th on Torii Hunter’s 2-RBI single. Spencer leads 9-2 after 4 innings. Butler added 1 run in the 5th and 6th innings. Spencer leads 9-4 after six innings. Spencer answered back in the 8th as, Aaron Hill donged a 2-run shot to make it 11-4 Spencer. Butler however, would not take my dice rolling insults or puppy distractions lying down. Enter Flamethrower Daniel Bard from the bullpen……
Average Joe Mauer smacked a Grand Salami w/ smoked provolone and pepper rings. Next batter Miguel Cabrera smacked a solo shot. Next batter Torii Hunter smacked a solo shot. BACK-TO-BACK-TO BACK JACKS FOR BUTLER!!!! Spencer now leads 11-10 after 8 innings. Spencer added a AAA insurance run in the 9th as Jon Papelbon closed the door. SPENCER WINS 12-10 in a slugfest

W – Shields 6.0, 9h, 4er, 5w, 2k, 1hr

L – Tony Pena 3.1, 4h, 3er, 2k, hr

S – Papelbon 1.2, 2w, 3k

GAME 2 “Slick” Rick Porcello @ “Brewers Announcer” Brian Anderson

Game 1 was a slugfest so of course Game 2 was a pitchers duel. Quick Synopsis:
Spencer scored three runs on a an Aaron Hill RBI-single in the 1st, Cesar Isturis RBI-double in the 2nd, and a Juan Rivera Solo HR in the 7th. Slick Rick Porcello made quick work of Butler’s squad as he was due to perform songs from his platinum album The Great Adventures of Slick Rick Porcello later in the night at the Apollo Theatre. Porcello scattered six hits and gave up one run on a Pedroia RBI-double. Spencer wins 3-1.

W - Porcello CG, 6h, er, 3w, 3k
L – Anderson 6.1, 9h, 2er, 3k, hr

Game 3 Nick Blackburn pitching in the dead of night @ Jered Coyle Weaver

…we move to extra innings as the game was tied at 2-2 after 9 innings. In the Top of the 11th, I-Rod lead off with a walk, Izturis singled amd the Swami walked to load the bases. Franklin Gutierrez, batting .197 on the year, smacked the game winning single. Papelbon gets another save. SPENCER WINS 4-2. SPENCER SWEEPS SERIES 3-0.

It was a close series.


  1. *****TORTO STAT ALERT*****

    Evan Longoria .371 (23-62), 12RBI
    Aaron Hill 4HR, 13RBI
    Cesar Izturis .333(21-63)
    Raji Davis 7 SB
    Juan Rivera .302 (19-63), 4HR, 12RBI
    Jonathon Papelbon 2 saves

    Franklin Gutierrez has returned from suspension

    **Dpnt forget that I have CLUTCH rating for al players next 2 home series!!! MArk it down!

  2. Wow - Spencer, you are hotter than a Nigerian sunrise. Butler, looks like you're settling into a familiar spot in the standings.

    Are Sunday evenings at Starin Park still going on, or is softball long done? I want to roll dice.

  3. Torto-

    I have only played 15 games. You were righ the first time. 10-5. Only played Butts once.


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