Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PNC or Coors? It's up to you Butler...

...and by that I mean who do you want to have home field advantage in the Spence v. Torto  playoff matchup?  Your last series with Rockwell could be the key to who advances from the first round.

Win one game, and the series starts at beautiful Coors Field with their cool mountain breezes, thin alpine air, and exciting +40' carry.  Get swept, and the series tilts in favor of Spence and starts out in sooty, grimey Pittsburg, with its preponderance of bridges, the filthy Allegheny River, and its boring -5' carry.

How do I know this?  Because our Commish informed me that Spence and my 3-3 tie this season is broken by total runs in the 2 series, which Spencer led 26-24.  That means if Spencer sweeps out Butler, he takes the #2 overall seed. 

Don't let this happen (begin humming the 'Battle Hymn of the Republic').  It's been said by others that "Torto making the playoffs is good for America".  And if that is true, doesn't it stand to reason that "Torto going deep into the playoffs is even BETTER for America"?  I think so.  Getting Torto homefield advantage in the first round is therefore crucial in improving our Great Nation.  So first and foremost, think about how America DEMANDS that you not allow Spencer to sweep you in this last series. 

Mr. Jason Butler - I daresay it is your patriotic duty to take down Spencer and his squad, in this, your last NL series of the season.  And so, before you get your hands on that Joe Mauer 2009 card and its gaudy 0.444 OBP and 1+ OPS, take a stand and defend the Homeland.   BEAT SPENCER!


  1. America is good.

    There is no way Spence is sweeping Butts - too much history between those rivals for a series to be that one-sided. No matter where it is this Spencer-Torto series is going to be a barn burner. Let me know when you guys are playing - I wanna be there.

    Also, weren't we talking about this on Sunday? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kIhhH6_Si4

  2. I agree, the Torto vs Spencer will be a great series. What will Nick be doing without a team in the playoffs.


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