Monday, June 28, 2010

And with the number one overall pick...

I am open to fielding trade offers for the number 1 overall pick in the upcoming American League draft.

Some how I messed around and drafted the worst team in the history of Pursue The Pennant, I could blame it on whiskey, the brutal heckling of Spencer, poor rolling technique, mismanagement of my all lefty bullpen, injuries. Maybe it is because I talked shit before the draft and put a few people at risk of losing employment via emails filled with profanities. Maybe I deserve the title that comes along with being the worst G.M. ever.

I have a few highlights through out my PTP career. Two world series appearances...record for most consecutive strikeouts by a pitcher...and thank Allah that I had witnesses for the 30 runs I put up in one game because I don't know where the damn score sheet is for that game. So while I reevaluate my draft procedures I make no promises of sobriety, keeping my foul language in check and whatever else comes to mind.

So if anyone would be interested, please throw me an offer. If anyone feels the need to make a Keith type of offer I'll sick the dog on you.


  1. What kind of offer are you looking for? Getting a few picks up in the top rounds, or a bunch in the mid or late rounds?

    And how the hell could you have lost that 30-run scoresheet. That thing is now like a beast of legend, like the Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra, or the Sasquatch. A handful people claim to have witnessed them, but the hell if I'll believe them until I see proof.

  2. Awesome post, Butler.

    Great to see you posting, here!!!

    By the would NEVER LOSE A GAME if you had that terrifying dog anywhere near me while rolling. If that dog were a former UNLV Runnin Rebel, it would be Moses "scurry."

    I'm excited to hear of alleged draft-swapping. Now...if we can only agree on a draft date!!!!

  3. Hey, Butler. I will send you the #3 and #12 picks (first two rounds), overall, for your #1 and #14 picks, overall. Basically swap out our first two. You drop down, but get to pick quicker on the you'd pick again, right away, at 15 overall...

  4. I really want to emphasize the point that I am exploring the option of trading the first overall pick. The Mauer card is a great one and Nick is talking to me about a 1st and 2nd for my 1st and 3rd. Feel free to make offers…Torto…

  5. Obviously, I'll need to see the card first - curious about Mauer's arm from last year (I don't recall him gunning down many runners), but that is a small item on his card relative to the fact that he swatted 26 HRs last year, and got on base practically half the time he was up. His hard ground out to 2nd might be his only weakness (and OUT) on that card.

    All that said - I might be willing to put up a trade post-draft for the Baby Jesus, but I'm not interested in moving picks prior to the draft.

  6. He's got a 0 arm for the record...


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