Wednesday, June 16, 2010

O-Dog: Choking Up and Going to RF


A classic low scoring, close affair between two of the original owners/teams, with philosophically different managing styles; one who slows down the pace of play by bunting and subbing every at-bat , and one who lives by a steady defense and stable lineup.

GAME 1 (A. Wainright @ J. Hammel)

I believe Fish was using a spot starter with Jason Hammel, he will have to elaborate. Spencer got on the board first in the 2nd inning on 3 straight singles from Killer Mike Cameon The Mexican Masher and Adam Wainright. 1-0 Spencer. Spencer would add a AAA insurance run in the 3rd inning as Scott Rolen doubled home H.J. Upton. 2-0 Spencer. Fish would score his lone run in the bottom of the 3rd when Ryan “Restauranjewer” Braun singled home The Michael Bourne Triolgy. No one threatened the rest of the game. Adam Wainright scattered 4 hits with 9K’s. SPENCER WINS 2-1

Batting Stars: Adrian Gonzalez 2-3, bb Ron Belliard 2-4

W – Adam Wainright 8.0, 4h, 1er, 2bb, 9k
L – Jason Hammel 6+, 9h, 2er, 2bb, 3k
S – Pedro Martinez 1.0, h, k

GAME 2 (Clifford “Big Red Dog” Lee @ Jason “No Nickname” Marquis)

Once again debunking yet another PTP myth concerning left-handed starters, Spencer trotted the left-handed Cliff Lee to the bump against the PTP Jedi Fish. Fish would take a quick 1-0 lead thanks to the “The Resteraujewer” Brauny’s solo blast in the 1st inning. 1-0 Fish. Spencer would take the lead back in the 4th on an O-Dog Hudson RBI double and Killer Cam SAC Fly. 2-1 Spencer. Fish would collect just one more hit the rest of the game (I only had two). SPENCER WINS 2-1.

Batting Stars: O-Dog 2-4, 2B, RBI, K Braun 1-4, HR, RBI, R

W – Cliff Lee 8.0, 3h, 1er, 2bb, 5k, 1hr
L – Jason Marquis 7.1, 6h, 2er, 3bb, 5k
S – Jose Valverde 1.0, bb

GAME 3 (Ross “The Golfer” Ohlendorf @ Tommy “Gunn” Hanson)

Little more scoring in this one, not much though. Spencer kick things off quickly as H.J. Upton singled to lead off the game. He would score to batters later on an Adrian Gonzalez 2-run swat. Spencer leads 2-0. Fish scored a run in the 3rd (Nick “The Dick” Johnson RBI single) but charged ahead in the 4th inning. Omir Santos popped out to lead off the inning but Furcal walked, Tommy Gunn singled, The Michael Bourn Trilogy tripled them home, then scored on a “Fast” Willy Harris Sac Fly. Fish leads 4-1. The O-Dog homered in the top of the 6th and smacked a RBI single in the 8th inning, but the scoring stopped there. FISH WINS 5-4 SPENCER TAKES SERIES 2-1

Batting Stars: O-Dog 3-4, HR, 2B, 2RBI The Mike Bourne Trilogy 2-4, 3B, 2r, 2RBI

W – Tom Gunn Hanson 8.0, 7h, 4er, 2bb, 7k, 2hr
L – Ross Ohlendorf 7.0, 7h, 5er, 4bb, 1k
S – Jeremy Affeldt 1.0, k


  1. Torto -
    Add these to the books.

    Adrian Gonzalez went 4-7, hr, 2rbi, 3bb, reached on 2 errors in 2 plate apprearences. Now batting .412 (54-131)

    Justin Upton 2 more SB

  2. Matt Holliday only 3gm left on injury. back for playoffs.

  3. Got it. I'll update. The stat tracker on the sidebar would be more fun if everyone chimed in with their best #s. HRs and RBIs are pretty easy to track.


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