Monday, October 24, 2011

On a Collision Course -- Spencer @ Nick

Who's team met this fate? Read on...

Things got real interesting real quick as Nick and I met for the second AL time, pre-Tort Fort last Friday....

GAME 1 Cla Bucholtz @ Jake Peavy

Within the first four batters of the game, Spencer had rolled three bizarres. The last on resulting in a popup between Wilson Betemit and Matt Joyce. The two collided because Manager Nick does not preach fundamentals and no one called for the ball. Betemit landed himself on the DL for (2 games) and Joyce for the rest of the regular season (21 games).
In the game Nick struck first on a Thome HR. Spencer scored three in the Top of the 3rd, Nick answered with a 3-run Bautista bomb in the bottom of the third.
Spencer reclaimed the lead at 5-4 with a 2-run bomb from Big Bad Tex....Hmmmmmmmmm in the 5th. A Shin Shoo-Choo SAC tied the game at 5-5 in the 6th. Nick "By Cracky" Markakis's 2-RBI single in the 7th proved to be the winning hit. Nick did scratch one more run off of Joaquin "Chris" Benoit in the 8th, but failed in the 9th.


W - Benoit 2.0, 3H, ER, BB, 3K
L - Koji Bomb 2.0, 4H, 2ER, 2BB, 5K
S - Chris Perez 1.0, H, 2K
HR - Thome, Bautista, Texieria

GAME 2 - Matt "Mexican Mafia" Garza @ Shawn Marcum

The 2011 AL ERA leader, Shawn Marcum had been eating up the league like Jeremy Jacobs at the high school cafeteria (lol, he had a weight problem). Anyhoo......Marcum in his last start vs. Spencer threw a CG, 3-hitter, so Spencer shifted his lineup and came out swinging bats, like the 1960s Birmingham Police Dept.
The Youkilis Corker (new nickname) smacked a one out single then trotted home on the 2-run crunch from BIG BAD TEX Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Turned out Marcum from the 2011 playoffs was pitching for Nick this game, and gave up another run in the 2nd on a run-scoring 2B buy Yuni E the Fly Fell-E (wait to you see his .AVE in a bit....scorching.)
However....Nick's merry band of future Hall of Famers, Pronks, Quenchers and Chinamen started taking pitches then mashing.
Garza got a little yippy in the 5th as he plunked John "Jaha" Jaso, walked Big Pronk (up from minors) and Bartlett Pears SAC to move the runners. Brett "Hart" Gardner then smacked a run scoring 1B and Jim Thome did the same thing. Spencer's lead now 3-2.
After that, both pitchers actually settled down. AN RBI SINGLE...FROM A-ROD sealed the deal, and Spencer's closer of the day Matt Guerrier made Nick go nigh-nigh the lst two.


W - Mexican Mafia Garza 7.0, 4H, 2ER, 2BB,5K
L - "Lost ERA lead" Marcum 7.2, 6H, BB, 5K, HR
S - Guerrier 2.0, BB
HR - Big Tex

GAME 3 Dan "The Man" Har-en @ Jeremy "Guttermouth" Guthrie

Spencer was feeling good at this point, a lot was due to the Busch Lite Silo Cans and playing in between a bar and a bowling pro shop, with little lighting.
Action Jackson made love to Vanity, then smacked a lead off single, then stole second. A-Rod got out, Youkilis Corker walked then was forced on a FC by Big Tex. With two out, B-Rob walked the bases loaded. In stepped Nick By-Cracky, out went the baseball. Grand Salami.
A Dominican Daddy Ortiz 2-Run HR the next inning cut the lead to 4-2 Spencer. A Big Pronk HR made it 4-3 Spencer.
In fact, after the first inning Guthrie and Nick's stoppers shut Spencer down.
Nick tied the game in the 5th on a Korean Delight RBI single. Nick took the lead for good in the 7th on yet another Jim Thome bomb. Dude is legit. NICK WINS 5-4.

W - Koji Bomb - 2.0, HBP, H, 3K
L - Benoit - 2.0, H, 2ER, K, HR
S - Feliz - 2.0, 2H, K,
HR -

SPENCER WIN SERIES 2-1. Offically earns nickname of "Mr. 2-1"

Fun series, as always. The environment consisting of a bowling alley, bar w/ curious bartender, restaurant and arcade all together was a little overwhelming, but then I realized how bad Nick's defense and ranges are and I grinned...



    YUNI-E ESCOBAR .417 (20-48)
    THE YOUKILIS CORKER .289 (11-38)

    BIG TEX (5)


    MATT GARZA 2.05 (22.0 IP)
    CLIFF LEE 2.59 (24.1 IP)

    CLIFF LEE (24)


    TEAM .AVE - .238
    TEAM OBP .338
    TEAM ERA - 3.74

  2. Statboard updated! Don't forget that the Grandyman had 6 HRs with me, so add your total with him to that.

    We need some of Nick's numbers to round this thing out, and see where some of his HR juggernauts stand. Fish should have some standouts as well.

    First bowling alley bar where a series was played at? Record book?


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