Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Don Kelly. Laurent's long lost brother?

Not sure how I didn't see it sooner.  Perhaps chalk it up to his increased playing time in the playoffs with the injury to Magglio, and Leyland's need to platoon at 3B, but Don Kelly of the Detroit Tigers has gotten plenty of TBS and Fox camera closeups.  Jess immediately pointed it out to me - Don Kelly bears a striking resemblance to one Thomas King Laurent.

Exhibit A - Mr. Don Kelly, Detroit Tigers Utilityman Extrordonaire

Exhibit B - Tom Laurent (pay no attention to that handsome Tigers fan in the background)

Tom's long lost little brother (Kelly is 31 years old)? Kelly is also tall and lanky (6'4", 190)  Or am I just seeing things.  You be the judge.  

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