Friday, August 5, 2011

Playoff Pitching Rotation Questions

Like this hippo, Skeptical Torto is skeptical this proposal will fly with the Commish...
As I'm preparing myself to face Spencer in the NL playoffs, I came up with a question that I wasn't sure about.  Playoff pitching rotations - 4 guys (check), catcher can go gangster (check), but what about long relievers who did indeed start a number of games, but just not the prerequisite 15.  These 'long reliever' guys have the endurance rating of a starter, and can be used as a spot starter if needed, BUT can they be inserted into the starting playoff pitching rotation?  Commish, can I get a ruling on this?  Daniel Hudson is just itching to get a piece of Spencer's squad in the starting role.  And surely you'd enjoy rolling out Sweet Strassy Molassy as your #4 starter vs Fish.  What say you good sir?


  1. As much as I'd love to start Strassy, this is not legal. The 15 GS is still mandatory for the playoffs. You can bring him in after two batters if you'd like, but he's still a 15 (long) endurance. Good question...

  2. Was worth a try.

    And yet somehow, inexplicably, Michael Cieslinski categorizes Ryan Franklin as a long reliever.


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