Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Golden Scoresheet

I was in the process of printing off some new scoresheets when I had a couple sheets of gold paper mixed in with the other color (KKK white).

So I decided to design two GOLDEN SCORE SHEETS for the upcoming AL season.

If a golden scoresheet is used in a series and I lose that game, the winner is entitled to the following prizes:

1. A Free Drink or Shot (When Available) ($5.00 Value)

2. 76.6122 Japanese Yen in cash money, on the SPOT!!!!! (Approx. $1.00 US)

3. Firm handshake, look in the eyes and a hearty, deep "Nice game, dude."

Enjoy the added bonuses of the (2) GOLDEN SCORE SHEETS. Just a little something to spice things up in a game, but mainly for shits n' giggles.

-Dewon "D-Ray" Brazelton


  1. Who's gonna play in a "Golden Game?" Torto? Fish? Goldy? Mario? Nick? Keither from outta nowhere?

  2. This Golden Gopher rikey very much. Bust one of those out for our playoff series.

    I'll let someone else make the requisite 'golden shower' joke.

  3. Is this like the Golden Child - "don't spill the water"

  4. I'll take the firm handshake and the look in the eyes. I'm skeptical I'd ever see the other two...


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