Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ready to Play out the String

Fellas, as we reach the home stretch of the 2010 NL season, it looks like the Goldy Padres are not going to make the playoffs. However, I do have 6 games left against Spencer, and 3 against Carlo, Nick, and Fish. For the rest of June work has slowed to a normal pace and I now have my nights and weekends free. I would love to knock out these games before the AL draft. Let me know when and where you guys would like to play. I have softball on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but am pretty clear outside of that. Good day gentlemen.


  1. Commish - if it speeds things along, I'd be happy to proxy play for Carlo's remaining 3 games against Mr. Goldsworthy.

    Spencer needs to get his act together. He's fallen WAY off the pace.

  2. Spencer is playing all six games vs Fish there is a heartbeat to the season still. Goldy...maybe next Wednesday (the 22nd) we could knock out our last series. I only have Goldy and Mario I'm close...

  3. Took 5 out of 6 from Spencer on Monday afternoon. Look for the series shortly (like some time this week)

  4. Wow - that makes things pretty interesting for the 3rd and 4th playoff spots. Nice work Fish. You may get that #1 seed yet...


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