Monday, June 27, 2011

NL Season Playoff Picture - Part Deux (and draft order update)

Standings are updated, and presumed correct unless someone tells me otherwise.  Since Sunday, we have firmly established 2 playoff seeds, with 2 more to come.

By going 5 and 1 yesterday, Fish earned yet another regular season title, edging my Marlins out by 1 game.  I blame Carlo's inept team.  And so is our established #1 seed for the playoffs.  Congrats to you sir!  That also locks me in as the firm #2 seed, as Spencer cannot reach my 28 wins, and I have the tiebreak against him. 

Spence is in control of his own destiny, and needs to win just 2 games to formally clinch a playoff spot.  Nick finished his season strong, and just needs Mario and Carlo to lose 3 of their remaining 9 games to clinch. 

So if things remain as they are right now, the draft order would be as follows (with picks 6 and 7 locked in place):

1. Keith
2. Goldy
3. Mario
4. Nick
5. Spencer
6. Torto
7. Fish

***Stat Leaderboard update needed***
My current best stats are up now on the board.  I've changed the minimum IP and ABs required to qualify to reflect where we are in the season, so some of your guys you haven't updated in a while have dropped off.  Get me your up to date qualifiers, and when the season is over we'll have a vote for Season MVP and Cy Young.


  1. Way to roll some dice Sunday friends. Look forward to the draft, which is scheduled for 9am at "my house" in Whitewater.

  2. On Sunday the 3rd, that'd be.

  3. Looking forward to it - Keith, make sure that fireplace is on!


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