Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tort Fort Update - 4 teams knock out 4 series each

Keith, Nick, Spence, and I collaborated for another PTP weekend at the Tort Fort, and were motivated enough to get 4 series each completed. Spence and I solidified our position in the top 4, while Nick clung to the #4 slot with a sub-0.500 record.  And Keith? Well, let's just say he was very interested in trades all evening.   Here's the overview -

Spence vs Torto - Torto 2-1
Nick vs Keith - Nick 2-1

Keith vs Torto - Keith 2-1
Nick vs Spencer - Spence 2-1

Torto vs Nick - Torto 3-0
Keith vs Spencer - Spencer 2-1

Torto vs Spence - Torto 2-1
Keith vs Nick - Nick 2-1

Player of the weekend?  My own Mike Stanton gets my vote.  In 11 games went - 0.285 (12-42) with 6 HR and 15 RBI.

Look for some series recaps and leaderboard updates later in the week(mine are already done, so I expect some of my guys to drop once you guys get your numbers in).  Check the expanded standings and schedule matrix for all the details at the bottom of the page.  Oh, and get your leaderboard #s to me - lots more stats to plug in.

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