Thursday, March 3, 2011

Record Book Help

As the official league record book keeper, I'll put out my annual plea to help me fill in a few gaps in our record book. Anybody who thinks they might have a record in the following categories, let me know:
  • Most HRs in a game (single player) 
  • Most hits in an inning (team)
  • Most 3B in an inning (team)
  • Most total runs scored in a series (single player)
  • Most 3B in a season (single player)
  • Most SB in a season (single player)
  • Most runs scored in a season (team)
  • Most saves in a season (single player)
  • Most wins in a single season (single player)
And on a side note - wow. No love for Ryan Zimmerman to win the batting title, despite the fact that he's maintained that one of the best averages in the league over the most at bats, and been absolutely prolific in driving in runs. Guess I'll have to vote for him myself. Your scorn has motivated him to continue to drive in runs at a frentic pace, whilst battering lefties and righties alike.


  1. Already looking forward to playing next weekend. We're looking at four right now - Torto, Nick, Spencer and myself?

  2. At the moment it looks like we have a confirmed foursome - which by my records on the ol' schedule matrix means that we can play up to 4 series each, and we'd be done with each other for the reg season.

    From what Nick told me though, Matty is looking like a legit possibility to show, and if so he could play for Carlo, since technically they are co-managers of that team.

    No word on Fish or Butts yet, but Ben is prepared to reliquish cards if Butts can make it.

  3. Onto know if I stepped on any toes but I mentiones broomball and big ten be-all ball to Mac and Bucky. They may come up. Still waiting to hear back from them.

    Also....Adrian Gonzalez had a 3 Homer game for me last nl season during his triple crown.

    Mark it in the books!

  4. P.S. Way to incorporate the Dilbert cartoon. I don't know if you're a fan or you simply "google imaged" that dang thing, but now that I take a second look at it I find myself chuckling (I can honestly say I've never looked at a Dilbert cartoon in my life).

    I know Fish is not coming up this weekend - priorites (NCAA opening weekend).

  5. Not a huge Dilbert fan, (I'm more of a Far Side guy) although I do find that cartoon extremely relavent and 'on the nose' to my line of work (science and engineering - go figure), so every now and again one catches my eye that makes me laugh. This one felt about right for my stat call.

    Spence - no worries on inviting Mac and Bucky, as long as they don't get all bogged down with our PTPing. First and foremost I want to knock out as many games as reasonably possible. Broomball should be decent, as the ice is pretty good right now according to the Old Man. Don't forget to bring your shovels.

    Got your 3 HR stat in the record books for A-Gone. That 3 HR day is nice, but I still think the most impressive HR record is the 2 Grand Genoa Salamis hit by Jason Giambi (by Matty, vs. Me), but he still lost the game 11-9. If you're gonna lose, that's the way to go down.

  6. Maki is coming up Saturday morning. No word on buckskin.

    What time should we be arriving?

  7. I'm trying to get there early with Nick, so at this point, getting there at 5pm is probably fine. If Nick and I can get there earlier, I'll let you know.

  8. Spencer: bring the stats from our first series!!


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