Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reds at Padres (Late Season Action)

As baseball fans, we all know there are those series, late in the season, that have absolutely no impact on any other teams. These series are played because the rules state each team must complete a full season. This, friends, was one of those series.

Butler's pathetic Reds visted my sickly Padres, dubbed "Los Padres" for the evening in honor of Cinco de Mayo and as a tribute of solidarity to San Diego's embattled friends south of the border. This series featured guys you don't care about doing things. Here's the details...

Game 1: Scherzer @ Harang

Harang has been a bulldog for me since Butts sent him my way in the Pujols trade, but he started shaky last night, giving up a 2-run blast to Aramis Ramirez in the top of the first. He would settle in after that though, giving up no more runs before leaving after six. Los Padres managed to drive in five runs in the game, highlighted by a Brendan Ryan solo job. The San Diego bullpen continued to frusterate the Reds for the remainer of the game.

Keith wins, 5-2
WP - Harang
LP - Scherzer
S - Cordero

Game 2: W. Rodriguez @ Arroyo

Bad pitchers. Wandy looked worse, giving away a leadoff triple to McCutchen to start the bottom of the first before eventually falling behind on a Hunter Pence three-run masterpiece. Los Padres added two more, one in the third and one in the sixth, with Ibanez and Razor Ramon Hernandez driving in Pence and Ibanzez, who both reached base on doubles. The Reds fought back, getting solo jobs from A-Ram and Joey Votto, respectively, before Bellasario came out of the bullpen to turn out the lights in the ninth. Arroyo pitched a strong eight, giving up only the two runs.

Keith wins, 5-2
WP - Arroyo
LP - Rodriguez
S - Bellisario

Game 3: Zimmerman @ Gallardo

Prince Albert (remember him?) led off Game 3 with a two-run bomb in the bottom of the first, came back in the 3rd to knock his buddy Andy McCutcheon in from 3rd (following his leadoff triple) and called it a day after collecting 6 RBI's when he drove in McCutcheon and Lopez in the 5th and Ludwick in the 8th. The Reds tried, scoring Victorino after a leadoff double in the 6th and getting 3 more runs following a Chris Dickerson bases-clearing triple in the 7th. Not enough though, as Betancourt and Co-Co closed out a game that appeared to be getting away from Gallardo.

Keith wins, 9-5
WP - Gallardo
LP - Zimmerman

Keith wins series, 3-0
Again, this thing was full of guys no one gives a rip about doing things. Butler is not tanking, I assure you, he's really that bad.


  1. Hey dude - if its posted on here, I care about it. This website is our baby, and any content is good content. Good, succinct recaps.

  2. Butler's winning percentage reminds me of the last time sha-boy played. Ick!

    Keith...start studying the AL cards, minus the Joe Mauer card, of course.


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