Friday, May 28, 2010

Record Book Alert! All-time single season hit record approached by Panda

As the unofficial PTP League Record Book Keeper, I was perusing the league record book last night, as I do everytime a couple series go down.  I noticed that the all-time single season hit record, set by Fish while rolling on the Johnny Damon card during the AL 2006 season is being approached by my own Pablo Sandoval card.  Damon's record stands at 67 hits in a 42 game season.  Sandoval has 60 hits thru 36 games this season (and a 0.400 average).  It surely won't be easy to get 8 hits in 6 games, but its not completely out of reach, given the way he's been mashing the ball all season. 

The real questions to be answered are:
1)  Will Spence suddenly claim that A-Gonz already has the record this season (doubtful, since I think he walks a lot more than the Panda)

2)  With 3 of the final 6 games against Fish, will he intentionally walk the Panda to keep the record as his own?  Given the 14 RBI Sandoval put up in the last series vs. Fish, it could be a real possibility...

3.)  If the Panda and A-Gonz can keep their average at 0.400 or above this season, would we have our first 0.400 hitters in a season?  Or has this milestone already been achieved?


  1. No record for the Round Mound of Pound.

    He recorded only 6 hits in his last 6 games, dropping his 0.400 average to a measley 0.374. That's what I get for talking about it.

  2. I was pulling for you Torto. We should as a league use our collective energy to dislodge that disgusting caveman from the top of our single-season list. The Panda is very 2010. Damon, on the other hand, is so very - well - 2006.

  3. Johnny Damon is a quality man who deserves the record that he holds, just like that beard


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