Friday, January 29, 2010

Why is Nick's team struggling?

I mean he's a great manager, has great hitting, pitching and what's wrong? It cannot all be "b" rolls!

P.S. I'm really posting this so I can see if my profile photo comes through...

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  1. Profile photos only come in on comments (for some reason).

    Why is Nick's team struggling? I believe the problem is threefold:

    1.) Bad luck (losing that many late inning games is just that way sometimes.
    2.) Too many slugging plodders - getting a walk when you can't homer is nice, but if they can't ever get around to 3rd it s trouble.
    3.) Relievers. Even the best relievers have some weird holes in their cards, or ignore holding runners on, etc.

    Just my observations from my 1 series with ya bud.


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