Thursday, January 28, 2010

A New Era for PTP

Welcome to the 21st Century, kids.

Email and text messages are fine, but they tend to get lost in the ether over time.  For too long we've had brilliant taunts and gripping tales of extra inning dice-rolling action go unpreserved, remembered only by those who chose to. We now have a place to preserve our erudite communiques forever.  Our game may be paper and pen, box and dice, but our memories don't have to be.  And best of all its been approved and encouraged by our progressive Commissioner.

Of course the intent here is not to eliminate the use of email/text, but rather supplement it and provide a place where we can archive our best and worst moments of PTP.  Now we won't forget when Torto lost track of the inning (Milton Bradley-style) and bunted with 2-outs or when Mario batted Manny in the 8-hole. Gone are the days where Butler wants to send out a bawdy, uncensored taunt, but thinks better of it (or not) for the sake of us 'work-emailers'.  Gone are the nights where Nick's suicidal text and cry for help was not enough to keep him from sobbing in his bed night after night.  Now he can fully unload his catharsis here.  We can keep our standings updated here, post our rosters, injury situations, and trade needs.   Or it can be as simple as sharing an interesting find on the rule books, an observation made at the last Brewers game, or a facinating baseball website.

So feel free to contribute your next series update here.  Comments can readily be throw up by the rest of us.  But no pressure either.  If you'd rather continue on as you always have, don't sweat it.  For those of you who are excited at the prospect of using this site as a sounding board, but haven't used this format before - no worries.  It's dead simple, you can cut-and-paste text right into a post. If you have any questions shoot me a line. The invite for you to access the site as a contributor has already been sent. 

That's all I got for now. Look for the current version of the record book and other items to get thrown up here eventually.  Oh, and send on any ideas for improving the site.


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