Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fish at Keith

Location: Christy's Landing - Madison Wisconsin (picture not representative of current conditions)

Beverages - Pitchers of Miller Lite
Conditions - initially 57 degrees and sunny, needed to head indoors for Game 3, still too cold

Don't have the stats - unfortunately.  Keith won Game 1 on account of a great game by Mark Trumbo, what  a stiff.

Game 2 was won by Fish - in 15 innings.  After Nick Swisher had 6K's in the game, he belted a 15th inning 2-run home run to win the game, 4-2.

Game 3- Justin Masterson of all people was locking my team down, until a 5 run orgy occurred in the 7th inning, with an AJ Pierzynski "Clutch" three run home run.

Fish wins the series, 2-1.  I have never seen Keith so ill from the common cold and so irritated by loosing in PTP.

Series MVP, reluctantly: Nick Swisher

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  1. Irritated indeed. Win game one. Lose game two in 15 innings. Blow a 3-1 lead late in game three. How many lives do you have?

    This is not a common cold.


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