Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fish at Nick

Location: Nick Ewoldt Family Residence, East Troy Wisconsin
Food: Exceptional Deb Breakfast including eggs over medium, waffles, sausages and breakfast bread
Music: Very little – background noise of American Pie Wedding Movie

Game 1: Price at Morrow
This was a low scoring game with two excellent pitchers on the mound.  Viciedo hit a solo home run in the bottom of the 4th to give Nick a 1-0 lead, which held up to the 9th inning.  Grant Balfour came on for the save and was denied by an AJ Pierzynski Clutch solo home run to tie the game.  In the 10th inning, Lorenzo Cain had a brain cramp allowing a double and error to beginning the inning off the bat of Skeletor, and was scored with an Alex Rios single.  Tim from Seattle closed the 10th out for his 1st save of the season, including a Jammed out home run by Adam Dunn in the bottom of the 10thFish wins 2-1
Win – Price
Loss – Balfour
Save – Tim from Seattle (Wilhelmsen)
Home Runs – Viciedo, AJ

Game 2: Diamond at Grienke
You would think it was Hanukkah as Ian Kinsler hit a home run to lead off the frame in the bottom of the 1st.  But it would not be 8 crazy nights as Zach Grienke would get light up like a menorah.  Alex Rios was 3-5 on the game with two RBI’s, including triple and double.  Will Middlebrooks assited in the offense with a 2-3 performance including a solo home run.  Nick’s team was paced by David Ortiz who was 3-4 on the day including a solo home run.  Fish wins 6-4.
Win – Diamond
Loss – Grienke
Save – Tim from Seattle
Home Runs – Kinsler, Middlebrooks, Cain, Ortiz

Game 3: Kuroda at Hammel
Another close game as these two evenly matched teams faced off.  Nick took an early lead with an Ortiz solo home run in the bottom of the 1st.  Skeletor answer in the 4th inning with a RBI double, plating Middlebrooks.  Nick’s string of solo home runs continued with an Andrews solo shot in the bottom of the 5th.  Skeletor cross the plate in the 7th when Action Jackson drove him with a base shot.  The game went into extra innings and Nick eventually won the game in the bottom of the 12th as “JJ” Reddick hit a bases loaded sack fly.  Nick wins 3-2
Win – Frieri
Loss – Burton
Home Runs – Ortiz, Andrews


  1. Good summation, Fish. I like best how you are really nice and complementary to me while we play the games and then say disparaging things about my team, afterward. Like I do. Your team's lefties do force me into playing my gimmicky lefty-masher line-up, a line-up that is a little more O than D, that's for sure. Good stuff!

    Is that He Man? What is that pic?

  2. That's Skeletor - with your head on his sceptre after he destroyed you in battle

  3. Maybe a bit to much?

    I think likely not Mr .738

  4. Tim from Seattle seems like an awesome dude. Does he want to join our league?


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