Monday, April 9, 2012

With the first pick in the 1958 PTP Draft, I'll take....

Not a whole lot of games going on, so I thought I'd post something to the blog...

Yer guy from PTP posted these cards and I thought some might find them interesting, so I posted them.



  1. The Mick was an 'A' bunter? Who knew?

    Figured Ozzie would have a bigger triple zone, but he was already 30 years old on that card.

    Very cool Nick - but don't tell that pudwhack Cieslinski that.

  2. Who is this Mantle guy and how can I get him on my team? At least Babe Ruth got a candy bar named after him.

  3. A+ range at SS for the Wizard, yet no 100??? Wow.

  4. The Mick's got it all! And by "it all," I obviously am only referring to defense and baserunning....


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