Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mets pick up two more wins on the road vs Mario

Jordan Zimmerman (above in UWSP uniform), just years removed from playing in places like Superior and Platteville, sure has come a long way from the D3 anybody to a possible Cy Young winner (if teammate Drew Storen doesn't steal it away from him)


GAME ONE (C. Luebke vs R.A. Dickey)

A Matt Holliday three-run homer in the top of the eighth helped send the Mets past Mario in game one. Doubles by Alfonso Soriano and Martin Prado helped plate two runs for Mario in the second and seventh inning, before starter R.A. Dickey ran out of steam. The Mets bullpen, a considerable strength all season, held down a one-run game. Drew Storen picked up his league-leading fifth win of the season, while J.J. Putz pitched a perfect ninth for the save.


W – Storen, L – Dickey, SV – Putz

GAME TWO (J. Zimmerman vs J. Garcia)

Nick’s lefty-mashing lineup went nuts (again), while starter Jordan Zimmerman added another bullet-point to his striking resume for the Cy Young Award. The Mets battered Mario’s Jaime Garcia for 6 earned runs in just 2 1/3 innings. Pablo Sandoval, Willie Harris and Ryan Hannigan all had three hits. Zimmerman tossed a complete game, striking out ten batters in the win. Freddie Freeman provided the lone highlight on the day for Mario, hitting a three-run homer in the third inning.


W- Zimmerman (CG), L – Garcia

GAME THREE (D. Mosely vs J.Cueto)

Johnny Cueto helped Mario avoid the sweep, securing a game three, complete game win against the Mets. Ricky Weeks had three hits, while Ryan Braun added two hits and a RBI. In the loss, Matt Kemp hit a double and drove in two runs and Bryan Peterson added a multi-hit performance to his utterly surprising 2012 campaign.


W – Cueto, L – D. Mosely

***Editor’s note…Nick went “PTP Ironman” (CHARTING AND SCOREKEEPING) during this series that still clocked in at less than 2.5 hours, because Mario’s “wrist hurt.” Awwww...poor Mar. Does this belong anywhere in the record book, Torto?


  1. Is this fucking for real? Mario's wrist hurt, so he couldn't flip the pages of the charts?. Outrageous. Did somebody have to pour his beers and lift them up to his bubbling infantile lips too?

    You're damn right this is a record Nick, a record in abject ridiculousness.

    If my wrist hurt too much to chart or scorekeep, you can be damn sure that means there would be a bone sticking out of my arm and blood all over the place.

    Give me a good goddamn fucking break.

    In other news, I will update the standings shortly.

  2. Oh my God, is that funny - I particularly liked the "bubbling infantile lips" reference. So, Mar, how did you handle the trauma of rolling? Wincing during each struggle to grasp the dice, slowly rotating your wounded member and gingerly releasing, or simply awkwardly fumblilng through all of the above with your left hand (not bloody likely, given the swift 2.5 hr series)? I am so glad I was nowhere around that patience-tester.

  3. What is weird is the fact that I was there the whole time and I don't remember the hurt wrist. I do remember the fact that Mario was bombed out of his mind on vodka/tonic so likely he could read the charts or write properly.


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