Monday, April 18, 2011

Fish at Goldy: Pitchers Unite

Game 1: M Cain vs. J Sanchez

Fish got things started in the scoring column with a solo jack by Carlos Beltran in the top of the 2nd. Pujols had a double in the 3rd inning, and scored on strike out pass ball from Uggla. Goldy scored a run in the bottom of the 4th after a Votto fielder’s choice and a double by McCann – he also tried scoing Werth on the play but was gunned down by Beltran. Fish added another insurance run in the top of the 8th with a Uggla walk and double by Cody Ross. Marmol came on for the save – Fish wins 3-1.

Win – Cain

Loss – Sanchez

Save – Marmol

Game 2: M Latos vs. P Perlfrey

This was a pitcher’s dual. Fish socred the 1st run in the top of the 3rd with a single from Nyjer Morgan, drove in by Dan Uggla. That was all the scoring Mat Latos would need. He took a no hitter into the bottom of the ninth, and was broken up on an umpire base hit – damn you Torto and Spencer! It remainded the only hit of the game. Fish wins 1-0

Win – Latos

Loss – Pelfrey

Game 3: T Wood vs. T Hudson

Travis Wood scattered 9 hits through 6 innings, allowing 1 run in the 4th off a Sanchez double and Hunter Pence Wears Underpants single. Hudson was cuirsing along until a tack was found in his glove in the top of the 7th – and he was suspended for 9 games. Goldy brought on K-Rod to finish the shutout and collected the save, but Fish’s team was ready for a come back. Chipper Jones started in the inning with a leadoff single, a Rasmus single and a Jim Edmonds two run double. Fish wins 2-1

Win – Marmol

Loss – K-Rod

MVP of Series - Mat Latos


  1. Nice pic. Billy the Marlin would no doubt like to get his fins on that Latos jersey.

    Sorry 'bout the no-no, but sometimes umpires ruin things like that. Just ask Armando.

  2. Fish, and the league moreover, was JOBBED by that umpire call. Shame! Shame! Shame! That vote is gonna get overturned by the AL draft, I predict.


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