Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bergy, Garza, Halladay - Dealin'. Nick - Reelin'.

Worth the 1st Round Draft Pick?  You bet.
Nick and I tangled for some early morning pre-Gravy Bowl PTP last Saturday.  This was our second matchup of this AL season (that series update has not been posted yet, but Nick won the first series 2-1, on the road with the strength of his bats).  This time around though, the bats would not be the story. 

Game 1:  'Brittle Brad' Bergesen @ Tommy Hunter
The first run of the game came on a Godzilla solo-shot in the top of the 4th, giving my squad a 1-0 lead. 2 more runs were brought across in the top of the 5th, on a Kurt (Not Asian) Suzuki RBI double, immediately followed by a Jason Bartlett RBI single.  Torto up, 3-naught.  Nick fought back in the bottom of the same frame, getting a run the hard way by advancing the 'Korean Delight', Shin Soo-Choo all the way around to home after a leadoff single thru a series of well placed ground ball outs and a Asdrubal Cabrera single, to close the gap to 3-1.  Nick was quick with the hook on Hunter, and yanked him after just 4+ innings of work. My squad added one more unearned run with 2-outs in the 6th, when Marco Scutaro made a wild throw to let Mike Lowell on base.  Ryan Sweeny then drove Old Man Lowell across home on a triple into the gap.  Bergesen was dealing all game, uncharacteristically striking out 7 in 8 innings, while only yielding 5 hits. Matt Thornton came in to close the 9th.

Torto wins 4-1
WP - B.Bergesen
LP- T.Hunter
S - M.Thornton
HR - H.Matsui
SB - J.Bartlett 2

Game 2:  Matt Garza @ James Shields
Solid pitching (or poor hitting) continued in Game 2.  I jumped out to a early 3-run lead, on 5 straight singles from the 3 thru 7 hitters.  Garza was pitching a gem until the 6th when he gave up a 3-run shot to Jason Kubel.  All knotted up 3-3 in the 8th, Jason Bartlett hit a solo jack to break the tie.  More drama in the bottom of the 8th, when Denard Span led off with a single, and then proceeded to break up a double play on an Adam Lind groundball, slamming into Bartlett and injuring him for 3 games. Garza then walked Texeiera and officially 'tired', came out of the game. David Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrdsma came in for the final inning and 2/3rds, retiring the final five batters, striking out 3 of them.

Torto wins 4-3
WP - Garza
LP - F.Francisco
S - D.Aardsma
HR - J.Kubel, J.Bartlett

Game 3:  Roy 'Doc' Halladay @ Jake Peavy
Lights out pitching in this one.  Halladay fresh off a complete game shutout vs. Keither, was ready to pitch another one.  Peavy didn't give an inch either, though, with a 0-0 tie going into the top of the 7th.  The tie was broken NL-style, with Orlando Cabrera (filling in for the injured Bartlett) successfully bunting over men on 2nd and 3rd.  The Light Hitting Gerry Laird then uncharacteristically hit a 2-out RBI single to score another run.  Two runs would be all that was needed for Halladay to get the win.  Peavy also went the distance in the loss.

Torto wins 2-0
WP - R.Halladay
LP - J.Peavy

Torto sweeps the series 3-0. 

It was nice to see my team do what I actually drafted it to do - win with good pitching and defense.  And even nicer to pull myself back into relevance with the sweep, putting my record at 10 - 11, and pushing Nick behind me in the standings.  Were Keith not able to completely dominate me this season, I might actually be looking at an over-500 record. 

***Record alert*** - Roy Halladay has now pitched 18 straight scoreless innings, and in his 5 starts this season, 4 have been complete games, and 3 of those shutouts.  Ridiculously impressive.  Now I've surely jinxed him for a 5-run 1st inning his next start.


  1. Halladay is indeed dealing - I was on the losing end of his prior shutout (series summary coming shortly). Where's that Blue Jays jersey Torto?

    Regarding the Jeter situation, I'm a bit on the fence but more in the Captains corner than the Yanks. I mean, he's been a rock for that circus for what - 15 years? Give him his "curtain call contract." All the money those guys throw around on pricey free agents and they can't throw The Franchise a 3-year bone?

    On the other hand, he's not currently worth what he's asking and what's he gonna do - take an offer from the White Sox or Dodgers? Weird, and good luck ever seeing the playoffs again. The Yanks got him by his balz.

  2. The Halladay jersey is out of stock, and has been for some time. Sorry dude. The website and their stock are two different things. You have to download a table that has their 'current' jerseys/sizes available. It is less than they post pictures of.

    Jeter not on the Yanks seems wrong to me, but then I've never been a Yankee-hater, so maybe that's why. Then again, he had a pretty bad season in 2010.

    Dunn-ski and V-Mart in the AL Central now... ...sweet. I'm really enjoying the fact that the White Sox, Tigers, and Twins all believe they can win that division. Its the Twins' to lose, but it's gonna be closer than last season!


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