Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nick's team: good at stats, bad at baseball

Hey, yall...

So, I have actually been accumulating my stats. I still need one series from Torto (who is sending me my stats) and two from Butler (who never sends me my stats), so I am missing five games. Regardless, I have a few notables for the leaders...
  • Ryan Howard has ten homers (and I think at least two more in the missing series)
  • Howard has 31 RBIS.
  • Most surprising is Howard's .356 batting average.
  • Nyjer Morgan was batting .347 before his injury.
  • Hanley Ramirez has five steals (good for first place)...Nyjer Morgan had three...and I don't even like stealing bases...
All gag-reflex team:
  • Chipper Jones just has just not worked out on my team. His batting average is .218 and he's had at least ten errors on the year.
  • The other dead-spot in my lineup this year has been Nate McLouth. I'm kinda glad he is injured for the year. He is batting a paltry .152 on the season. Yuck...I have had terrible luck with Braves.


  1. What do you think Ryan Howard and Snoop talked about?

  2. They probably discussed whether or not Brad Lidge still has what it takes to close for the Phillies in 2010.

    That or what a lame old white dude Charlie Manuel is.

  3. FYI - A preliminary look over the stat sheet for our series gives Howard these #s:

    3-11, 2 BB, 3Ks, 2 HRs 3 RBI

    Sending them on Friday for you to total up.

    Dunn also had 2 HRs in our series, including 7 RBI in one game. Where does that put him in terms of RBI and HRs? Seems like he should be up there...

  4. Ryan Howard and Snoop? Man, are those guys stoned.


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